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New Album Release - April


An exclusive radio interview with Dr Crow And The Forbidden Zone

Get a special insight into the band's home environment......Crow Hall.

The “building", rumoured to be a pan-dimensional being in its own right,, has its own autonomous avatar, Frau Metzengerstein.

Listen as Frau Metzengerstein leads the bewildered interviewer "Rock Radio" DJ Spudy LRO, through the labyrinthine annals that constitute the house.

Marvel at Spudy's valiant attempt to maintain his sanity, as he tries to extract a coherent interview from the (lost in time and space) band.

So make yourself a big mug of your favourite beverage, and just press PLAY...


released January 30, 2018

Written, and performed by Dr Crow And The Forbidden Zone.

Special guest "Rock Radio" DJ Spudy LRO.

Recorded, mixed and final production at Crow Hall by Dr Crow And The Forbidden Zone.


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