Dr Crow And The Forbidden Zone,  a four-piece rock band with the single, unifying purpose of entertaining people through uniquely crafted rock songs, theatrical stage performance and hypnotic visuals.
Costume, movement, lights, oil-wheel and video projections as well as the power of sound are all used to captivate every person in the audience then take them on a musical journey through time, space, emotion, darkness and sunlight . . . finally to arrive in the twilight at the end of the day . . .
The band is made up of four eclectic musical souls from varying backgrounds and cultures, who have been forged into a singular entity.  This strange ship of fools  with Dr Crow at the helm is propelled by sonic energy from outside time and space channeled by the band.  Dr Crow determinedly soars, swoops, exhorts and entices all present to enter
The Forbidden Zone!
Members of the band have all been pro-musicians at some point, and between them, they possess over 150 years' worth of experience of getting on and off stages!
. . .  bands they have been in include:
The Rose of Avalanche
More Rhubarb Faster
Night Gallery
Open to Offers
The Midnight Zoo
The Pact

The band is constantly song-writing and producing new music, and has so far recorded three albums of original material. They have even produced a radio play that has been aired on Rock Radio - select the MUSIC tab to listen.