Dr Crow is not a person. Dr Crow is an idea. Dr Crow is a concept. Dr Crow has existed since long before Humans. Humans have merely discovered and forgotten then re-discovered Dr Crow and called him by different names. Cthulu, Mên, Baal, Janus, Bacalou, Baron La Croix

The Aztecs sacrificing humans were appeasing the spirit of Dr Crow, The ancient Vedic religions were worshipping Dr Crow, Druids at Stonehenge were worshipping manifestations of Dr Crow. Their practices were misguided but they all had the same end in view.


From the earliest times human beings have always gathered together in groups, tribes, gangs and clubs. These are the basis of society. Society runs on consensus and we now assume that the rules of society are absolute values. Some things are deemed to be self evidently right and some wrong, such as discriminating against some members of a society. However Greek society, which was the crucible for all modern society, was largely built on slave labour. In England women were treated as the property of their husbands or fathers until relatively recently. These were the norms for their society at the time. Individuals who stepped outside the accepted behavioural protocols were regarded as either evil or mad and treated accordingly because their behaviour could damage the fabric of society. However not all dissenting voices fall into these categories. The first Greek who said slavery is wrong was trying to better the society he or she lived in and the first voices raised in support of female emancipation were not trying to disrupt society but advance it. Every one of these individual voices trying to be heard over the white noise of society’s rules is the voice of Dr Crow. Dr Crow is the voice of the first person to articulate an idea that goes outside accepted norms. Dr Crow is Martin Luther King, Dr Crow is Emily Pankhurst, Dr Crow is Albert Einstein, Dr Crow is The Beatles, Dr Crow is Timothy Leary, Dr Crow is William Burroughs. Dr Crow is the voice that starts the process of a paradigm shift. The culture of free thinking engendered by this first voice is the Forbidden Zone. Society doesn’t want its members to think for themselves as they may disturb the Status Quo.


Society will suppress any manifestation of real free thinking by claiming that free thinkers are a danger to society. They are insane or criminal and need to be stopped. The NSA revelations should be proof of that but further examples are happening daily, the reporter held for 9 hours at Heathrow is only the most recent. Society wants you to follow the straight and narrow and will tell you that either side of the straight and narrow is a forest filled with wolves. The terror of these beasts keeps most people in line but Dr Crow says that the real danger is not from the wolves it’s from your own fear. If you step into the forest you will not only confront and vanquish your fears, you will find that the wolves are just animals like any other and this is the final revelation that society is hiding, the forest contains knowledge. To attain wisdom you have to go into the forest, you have to face your fears and defeat them. To do this only requires you to think for yourself.

Abandon the straight and narrow.

Stray from the path.


The members of the band have been in:-

The Rose of Avalanche

More Rhubarb Faster

Night Gallery

Open to Offers

The Midnight Zoo

The Pact


And many other groups, tribes and clubs. As a result of their collective experiences they have made up their own minds and think for themselves.

They now live in the forest with the wolves.